We have created a custom Supertrend indicator that avoids more fakeouts than the regular Supertrend and also captures more profitable rallies in both directions (long and short).

Main Points

  • The Supertrend Rally Rollercoaster indicator is a trend finding indicator that consists of many different Supertrend periods, avoids fake outs, and also gives you take profit signals.
  • Trend tools alone aren’t that good, but they’re becoming pretty powerful if you understand what direction the market has to take.

What is the Supertrend Rally Rollercoaster Indicator?

The Supertrend Rally Rollercoaster indicator is a trend-finding indicator that consists of many different Supertrend periods. This indicator has 4 different periods, with the most important period being the 4th period, which is what determines the overall trend for this current timeframe.


The main timeframe for this indicator is the 15-minute timeframe, especially since it was designed for a mean and trend trading strategy and contraction and expansion principles.


You can use the rest of the bands as confirmations of the trend, to determine trade entries, and as possible trade exits and scalping entries and scalps.

The basics of Supertrend

The Supertrend indicator is a trend-following indicator that is similar to moving averages. It is an extremely popular and simple indicator to use and takes in two parameters by default, which are the period and multiplier.


The image below shows what a basic and default Supertrend indicator looks like. On platforms like TradingView, it shows green for the bullish trend and red for the bearish trend.

More features of our trend indicator

The indicator also includes RSI alerts, which let you know if you should take profits or not. Take-profit RSI alerts will appear from time to time whether you are short or long using our Supertrend Rally Rollercoaster indicator. It also includes alerts that you can set up to notify yourself if you are unable to spend the entire day in the charts.


On the images below, you can see that there are take-profit RSI alerts that are shown with the triangles; on an uptrend, there will be red overbought alerts, which show that the price could dump, or green oversold alerts, which show that the price can pump.

An example of a good use with this Indicator.

Trend tools alone aren’t that good, but they become a pretty powerful tool if you understand what direction the market has to take this, is where value lines or contraction and expansion principles come into play.

Lets say you get the value line or get a contraction ( We also offer a indicator that automatically plots every contraction in the charts ) on the 4 hourly pattern.


So you must now select a lower timeframe; in this case, we will use the 15-minute timeframe as an example. Below in the image, you can see a long scenario and how price is below the value line and the Supertrend rally rollercoaster has begun an uptrend.


You can see that the value line take profit target was hit for the long scenario. Trend following indicators can be profitable if used properly, but if you just blindly enter trades then you will not be profitable. As of this blog post is being written, a strategy on Pine script is being written that will trade the trend and value lines and will also come with proper back testing to prove results.

If you want to see a short scenario then, look at this image.

More information about the indicator:

Cost: $50.00 USD Monthly (To access the 3 indicators)

Payment Methods: USD, USDT, BTC

Purchase Link: patreon.com/user?u=80987417

(If you want to buy with crypto then contact us)


Additional: This indicator is part of the Contraction Plotter indicator, buying the $50.00 USD Monthly subscription will get you access to the contraction plotter, expansion index, and the supertrend rally rollercoaster indicator.



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